Ethan Hickerson is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Richmond, VA
Previously, Lead Photographer at Mobelux

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A collection of triptychs examining two years of epiphanies after leaving home. 


Featured on Dwell
Photos beginning in monotone abstraction and ending in vibrant literalness of the tech company's newly-renovated WPA-era post office in Richmond, VA. 


Shot on Brown's Island of The James River
During what was expected to be the last warm week of the summer, the specific area was repeatedly visited for five days to take note of the diversity among local communities who gather in this easily accessible, free to enter, and widely appealing location. 


In collaboration with Pathh
Series and portraits shot for Joe Patitucci, a multimedia healing artist who translates unseen activities of living organisms into digital art – an example of his practice being guided meditations and breath work scored by sonified plants.


In collaboration with Pathh
Digital photography accompanied by Pathh's film photos of Philadelphia designer/musician Kat Beam.


With Mobelux
Photos shot in St. Vincent and the Grenadines following a team of orthopedic surgeons who had travelled from the United States with WPP in order to host a free clinic, perform multiple days worth of operations, and lead courses for the existing healthcare professionals.

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